No doubt. YouTube is the most popular video platform on the web today. Over a decade ago, Google made the decision to acquire YouTube for about $1.65 billion in stock. We don’t have the numbers right now but ten years after, we’re certain they’re much bigger. Along with the popularity and demand is a big responsibility in the society. No matter how liberal the world is becoming, adults need to ensure that children are protected and taught the right thing.

The tech giant has launched YouTube Kids for a worry-free and safe watching experience. Unfortunately and reportedly, there are some videos posted on YouTube that has been providing unsafe themes for the children. There have been reports of videos with references to violence and sexual references. They appear to be safe because popular characters are used but the content isn’t something parents would want the kids to hear.

The disturbing videos were pointed out by New York Times and people on Medium recently. YouTube isn’t lax about this issue as it earlier said they will not allow videos that show “inappropriate use of family-friendly characters” to be monetized. YouTube wants to advance its efforts further by automatically not allowing age-restricted content in YouTube Kids.

Parental controls, of course, are still required but there are times questionable videos pass through. Some algorithmic filters may not be enough but there are still humans reviewing the videos–YouTube employees and Contributors from all over the world. They flag such content and send to a policy review team. Videos violating the policy will be tagged as age-restricted and then blocked from YouTube Kids.

The new policy is being reviewed but the YouTube team said it should be ready in a few weeks, ensuring the parents and the kids are only served kid-friendly content all the time.

YouTube age-restricted content

SOURCE: Google


  1. “No matter how liberal the world is becoming, adults need to ensure that children are protected and taught the right thing.” What? How about the more religious fundamentalists and fascists feel free to spew hate online and in public, adults need to protect children. This article is useless, nothing new, void of specifics, and generally poorly written. Liberalism is not a threat to children.


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