Google definitely knows how to reach all ages and types of audiences. Even the young children can take advantage of whatever Google can offer but with some limits. At the same time, parents can have the peace of mind that the tech giant is only serving appropriate contents or ads.

To make things simpler and more convenient, Google has introduced a new look for the YouTube Kids app which also includes new parental controls and kids profiles.

The YouTube team reached out to parents and listened to their feedback and suggestions on how to improve the app they love. You see, the kids are growing up together with the app and so YouTube needs to keep up with them. The new and improved features are expected to make your kids’ video watching experience better than ever.

If you haven’t downloaded the YouTube Kids app yet, please do so and start a new adventure with your kids. Once app is downloaded, you have to sign in with your Google account. Make a profile for the kids or for each child. You can customize them according to the kids’ preferences of what shows to watch. These profiles can be accessed and used on different devices as long as the parent or guardian’s account is logged in.

The app will ask you of the age of the child. Enter the birthdate of the kid and YouTube will change the look of the app depending on the age group. Screen for the older children will show more content while the younger kids will have less text.

Compared to before, setup process on the YouTube kids app is different. It is more detailed now so you can input all the correct and helpful information needed by YouTube. This way, app serves only the content you want the kids to see on the small screen. Setup the app before the little ones or the tweens use your mobile device.

To make things more private and the experience more personalized, the app can require passcode for kids so they can get into their very own profile. Parents can override this passcode anytime but mainly, this is just to keep their siblings out of their profiles.

YouTube Kids is no doubt a popular kids app. It’s presently available in 37 countries with over 11 million people using it every week.

Feel free to help YouTube flag content you think should not be part of the app. This way, the YouTube Kids media library will be updated and free from inappropriate and useless videos.

SOURCE: Official YouTube Blog


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