Parents may soon stop worrying about what the YouTube Kids app serves to the children. YouTube is making big changes to the app that is supposed to be very friendly. A new version is said to roll out soon without the video suggestions that are algorithmically processed. Only videos curated by a special team of reviewers will be shown so children can select only those guaranteed safe. Of course, what is “safe” will always be objective but YouTube is believed to be working harder to release a whitelisted version.

An algorithmic version will still be available so the adults can choose what they want the kids to use. The option can simply be turned off. This way, no sexually explicit or conspiracy theory videos will be given as suggestions.

YouTube Kids has long been a reliable app for the kids and the adults. It’s supposed to be kid-friendly but through the years, it’s been updated with better parental controls and more original content for the family audience. Better parental controls and kids profiles were added late last year because there have been ads from channels showing inappropriate content.

The app is easier to navigate and safer but now hard to access by kids. That’s better with the algorithm being changed, parents can rest assured that the children will not venture into the dark corner or weird side of the web.

Nothing has been confirmed by Google or the Android team yet. We’re still taking this information with a grain of salt but as with any other good rumors, this is something we’d like to come true.

VIA: BuzzFeed