Has it been two years already? Time flies so fast when you have kids, errr…YouTube Kids. Parents already know how this YouTube app has been helpful because it allowed them to worry less about what their children are watching. Kids and parents alike rely on YouTube Kids for entertainment as proven by the more than 30 billion views. At present, the app now caters to eight million active viewers from all over the world. Well, it’s not yet available in some countries but even with the limited regions, the number of views still reached billions.

That’s not really surprising because YouTube is YouTube. It still is the top video sharing site. It has made a difference in the lives of many people, businesses, brands, and technologies. We can never emphasize enough how it helped revolutionize the web. As for YouTube Kids, this app has mainly helped the parents, guardians, and even teachers in teaching the kids lessons and values with all the content available. Thousands of videos can be found on the gallery ranging from stories, language learning, DIY turotials, science experiments, animated shows, songs, and magic tricks.

The whole family will never run out of videos to watch especially now that more creators are adding original videos to YouTube Kids. Right now, there are some popular ones your children perhaps are familiar with like: Fruit Ninja, L2M, Joe and Cody of TheAtlanticCraft, and DanTDM. To celebrate the two years of the app’s success, YouTube Red is investing in some creators to deliver original programs for the whole family. A new series will be launched this coming Spring while more shows will be released throughout the whole year.

Here are some of the original series that will launch soon: “The Kings of Atlantis”, “Hyperlinked”, “Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force”, and “DanTDM Creates A Big Scene”. These series can be watched from the YouTube Kids app. The app will also be coming to more Smart TVs. This is another great news because that means it’s no longer limited to mobile devices. The kids can now enjoy quality and age-approriate videos directly on their Samsung or LG Smart TVs.




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