Windows 10 run Android and iOS apps

Your dream that someday, Microsoft’s Windows will run Android and iOS apps might finally come true. The software giant is believed to be considering running once again mobile apps for the top two mobile platforms in the market today—not just separately but together in one phone running Windows 10. After the Nokia X (the last endangered phone), Nokia didn’t make an attempt to make another one. And nope, the company is not rejoining the industry as finalized earlier this week.

There’s still the Nokia N1 Android tablet which was recently made available in Taiwan but it purely runs Android. But soon enough, Android developers could see their apps on the Microsoft store with a few tweaks on the code. Why, Microsoft has written a special code for Android apps to be compiled in Visual Studio. This attempt is made by Microsoft to allow developers to easily port their apps into Windows and also bring .NET and Win32.

Windows 10 web net win 32 android ios apps

It appears easy because Java and C++ code for Android apps are already supported in Visual Studio. It does not mean any developer can just add the code to an existing app and submit to Microsoft, though. It only means a written code can “potentially” be used in a Windows 10 app. The upcoming Windows version is believed to have some sort of Android subsytem that will “take advantage of the Android code but also the extensions you would write in the Windows platform” according to Microsoft’s Chief of Operating Systems Terry Myerson.

Furthermore, Microsoft has also promised other apps running other mobile OS will be allowed to use some Windows services and Live Tiles. As for iOS, it will be the same with Objective C being allowed to read or add a code.

Nothing is impossible. We’ve heard of Android running on Windows 7 and Windows 8 with AMIDuOS and the next Elephone device will run both Windows 10 and Android. We also heard of the rumor that Microsoft might be working on an Android app emulator. We’re guessing all these developments have contributed to Microsoft trying out Android and iOS apps. What do you think?

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