Windows Phone Android apps

We’re not really sure about the fate of Windows Phone but Microsoft seems to be not giving up on its very own mobile platform anytime soon. Five years into the mobile app arena, Microsoft has only delivered less than 200,000 Windows Phone apps. The number is very small compared to the millions ready for download from both the Google Play Store and the App Store. It may be far (or never) before the Windows Phone Store reaches that kind of milestone but Redmond seems to be thinking now of alternative ways on how to make Windows Phone more attractive.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but the software giant is believed to be working on an Android app emulator. Obviously, this is a way to run Android apps on Windows Phone. This app emulation is also expected to be a special feature of the upcoming Windows Phone 10 platform.

Android apps on Windows. Why not? We’ve seen this happening but not yet anytime soon. There have been talks of Microsoft experimenting on apps that can run on Windows 10 and some sources say that they are actually not limited to a specific set of app and are even broad in scope according to Neowin. Most Android apps are said to be compatible with the emulator but with limitations just like the current BlackBerry 10 OS that can also run Android apps.

Could this be Microsoft’s solution to the market share problem? In the same vein, Microsoft is also believed to be working on a program that will allow Android devices to run Windows Phone apps. From Android devices to Windows Phones–that’s another possibility.

Windows Phone apps on Android

Microsoft has spent billions of dollars already to maintain the Windows Phone ecosystem according to a Wall Street Journal report. Sadly, market share is still far from what Android and Apple have accomplished.


SOURCE: Neowin