WhatsApp Call become active through invites earlier this March but we warned you to be very careful because of some “stranger danger” risks. It’s one feature WhatsApp fans have been wanting to activate but there are some limitations. Some good news today: Voice Calls will soon be enabled on Android. Actually, some users are reporting they can finally use the feature.

This isn’t a surprise because Voice Calling have been available for select Android users since last month.We first learned of its launch as tipped by an app update September last year.

The particular update and some enhancements are not yet available on the Google Play Store but you can download the app from the WhatsApp website. Some improvements include a new “”Calls” option aside from the Chats and Contacts tabs. When you see the call icon on a tab, you can call any contact that also has WhatsApp installed on his Android phone.

Voice Calling in WhatsApp is really happening. It’s just a matter of time before all WhatsApp users all over the world can benefit from the voice call feature so let’s wait and see.

For now, you have to download and update the app manually from the WhatsApp website. The update should be available on Play Store soon



  1. I have the call function activated in my Note 3 (got a call invite from somebody), however, when I call somebody, we are not able to hear each other out..also, it says that I should disconnect from my wifi connection first..anybody experiencing same problem as me..


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