We can’t say that virtual reality is already a popular standard but for the past few years, the technology is being given much attention by different brands. Google made it easier and affordable with the release of the Cardboard three years ago. It has since been updated a number of times and the company even collaborated with many brands like Coke and Mattel.

The Cardboard has graduated to the Google Daydream View which is an enhanced version that runs on the new Daydream platform. The tech giant has also introduced the YouTube VR, offering a more immersive virtual reality experience. This time around, it’s getting a new video format.

The VR180 is a simpler format to work on. Content creators will find it easier to make because the views are really how people see something from their perspective. VR180 videos show a 180-degree view on your Daydream, Cardboard, or any other VR headset you have.

VR180 on YouTube also supports live streaming so you can watch your favorite YouTubers as if you are with them in real time. This VR180 is less complicated than 360-degree videos so it will be easier to capture and make in the near future.

Google has already started working with some OEMs like LG, Lenovo, and YI to make 180-degree cameras that will work with the new VR180. More manufacturers are expected to join the game with the VR180 certification program. You can’t find VR180 videos yet on YouTube but if you’re a creator, feel free to ask Google and loan a VR180-enabled camera.

SOURCE: The Keyword (Google)