For those who were old enough to have experienced the joy of Mattel’s View-Master, we all knew it was only a matter of time until it made a comeback, due to the existing technology that we now have. And when they finally did come back last year, it of course had virtual reality incorporated into it, as it should. Now, they’re going one step further by collaborating with Google to create an even more updated version of the device, and they showcased it at the New York Toy Fair.

The new View-Master is actually a Google Cardboard solution that seeks to bring “an immersive digital experience for kids.” So if there is no opportunity for kids (or adults for that matter) to go and visit these actual places, they will be able to get the next best thing and experience “spectacular 3D worlds” and explore famous places, landmarks, nature, and even planets. The whole system is composed of the View-Master experience reel, an app, and an Android smartphone. This version, unlike the previous one from last year, will be able to support a wider range of smartphones and will have focal adjustment as well.

When you buy the View-Master viewer when it comes out this fall, it will come with a sample experience reel which will give you an overview of what the “full View-Master experience” will be. This will include a gallery of the best of the View-Master images that we grew up with, a tour inside a space shuttle (which should include a journey into space too), and a “unique destination” that you will experience in 360 degrees.

The View-Master itself (with the said sample experience reel) will cost $29.99. Additional reel packs will be at $14.99 each and will have four themed experience reels in each pack. Mattel will also be curating and creating more reels with other Google Cardboard developers later on. The new View-Master will be available this fall.

SOURCE: Mattel


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