If you’ve always been interested to have a Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer but you don’t want to buy one for some reason or another, then you might want to check out this experiment from Coke. They are aiming to introduce the first virtual reality viewer made from recycled packaging, so all you would have to do if this comes to fruition, is to buy a whole box of Coke products, follow the pre-cut instructions, stick your smartphone in it, and enjoy watching videos in VR and 360 degrees.

A video published on Coke’s YouTube channel shows the prototype for such a Google Cardboard-esque creation. Using the 12-pack box familiar to Coke lovers everywhere, there are 3 different ways that you can turn it into a VR viewer. First is through origami, where you cut and fold the box into a specified pattern and then put a plastic lens on the eye part (which will hopefully be provided by Coke as well, with that box). You can also custom make the box and use your creativity to both hold the Coke products and then turn it into a VR project.

Coke may also have stand-alone kits eventually so you don’t have to spend so much time trying to figure out how to make the VR viewer. The standard kit may already come pre-cut and pre-folded, but of course, it is still made from actual recycled Coke boxes. The plastic lens may be included in the kit as well, although from where they will be recycled from, that we still don’t know.

It is highly feasible that Coke will release something like this in partnership with Google or any other tech company. This is probably the year when OEMs will actually be pushing for virtual reality on commercial users, and having a distinct advantage regarding cost and efficiency, then this Coke product should prove to be a hit eventually.


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