The first quarter of 2019 may be all about the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Galaxy foldable phone, LG G8, and the Huawei P30. These flagship phones have been the usual subjects of our discussion especially the Galaxy S10 and the Samsung foldable phone. These phones aren’t due until the Mobile World Congress so anything can still happen between today and Barcelona. Any OEM can make a major announcement that may rock the mobile world in ways we’ve never imagined. Well, we couldn’t think of any unique innovation but we may watch out for what Vivo has in store for the consumers.

One of our favorite sources, Ice universe (@UniverseIce) shared some information and images that got us interested. Apparently, Vivo is working on a new smartphone that has some ‘waterdrop’ design.

By waterdrop, that could mean a notch but we don’t see any notch in the images provided. The leaked phone from Vivo is just given “The Waterdrop” nickname”.

We were told to play our imagination but at this point and with limited information or preview, we have no idea what this could be. We just notice the edges of the device appear to be very smooth and rounded. To be honest, it reminds us of an old iPhone.

The side view image could mean a completely bezel-less screen. We won’t be surprised if Vivo finally introduces a real bezel-less phone because the OEM has been known for being one of the firsts to bring new technologies to the industry and market them commercially as in the case of the Vivo X20 Plus UD and its on-screen/in-display fingerprint sensor, the Vivo NEX and its elevating camera, and the latest Vivo NEX Dual Display Edition with two displays.