DROID… You’ve all seen the commercials, and the red eye on all of the top tier Verizon Wireless Android Smartphones. So what is right for you? I guess this varies from person to person depending on needs, availability, pricing and all those other exciting things like 4G LTE or a front facing camera. They are tough choices with phones getting better and better lately. It seems they all are just awesome.

The Thunderbolt is here, many of you might have passed on it, so what is next you ask? I’ll tell you. We have the Samsung Droid Charge, the HTC Droid Incredible 2, the exciting LG Revolution, and last but not least the Motorola Droid X2 . A few weeks ago I saw a few tweets saying Verizon was behind everyone in terms of phone options, it looks like things are about to change.

You passed on the Thunderbolt because it was a single-core phone, but the same thing applies for the Droid Charge and the Incredible 2. They are both amazing devices though, so do we move on to the others? There isn’t a lot known about the LG Revolution yet, it may or may not be a dual-core phone, but all other aspects make it a real winner. From how things are looking with our review of the LG G2x it looks like LG has plans to make a big impact on Android. So that might be my first choice, but that is just me.

The Samsung Droid Charge is everything you love about the Galaxy S, but with a larger screen, and it’s the upgraded AMOLED + version also. It is a great device for someone that wants an upgrade, but doesn’t need the best of the best. It is also a 4G LTE phone so it is similar to the Thunderbolt in that aspect. It also costs the most at $299. Same thing goes for the LG Revolution. It also features a bright and rich 4.3″ screen, as well as the 4G LTE network, but like mentioned it may or may not be dual-core, so this is more of a personal preference as it also has 4G. Take note the more expensive phones are the two that feature 4G.

Last brings me to the Motorola Droid X2, This phone has everything you could possibly want in a mobile phone, but the 4G LTE. It is dual-core, has HDMI out, qHD high-res 4.3″ screen and more. It is the most powerful phone in the lineup, but then it lacks the front facing camera, as well as the 4G LTE, yet is the cheapest. So this makes it a hard choice also, do you want top tier specs, or faster performance. I would go into more detail and break down all the prices, but you can see them in the leaked photo above. The pricing does seem odd to me, why the Charge costs the most is sort of confusing.

So what would you get? What phone fits your needs best, do you need the 4G performance for while at work, or do you want to multitask and game with the Tegra 2 dual-core in that X2? It is a hard choice for a Verizon customer. We would love to hear everyone comment below on what you think, or what phone you plan to get, and why. So please share your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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