The LG Revolution has been quiet since we heard about it at CES, and even did a little Hands-On. Back then everyone was being quiet about what processors all these Verizon phones would have. So that hands on report saying 1 Ghz could very well be wrong, as things change so fast in this crazy mobile industry. It will probably launch with a Tegra 2, we wont know til more details emerge.

For those that don’t know. The Revolution is a 4.3″ touting Verizon 4G LTE device, that should be plenty fun, with HDMI out and all the other bells most phones have these days. It will be running Android 2.2 at launch and should see a 2.3 update in July is what we are hearing. It is just starting to hit testers hands, so soon we should be seeing more of it.

We don’t know final specs, unless you want to go off of what we heard at CES2011, and those could be correct, but they also didn’t tell us much and were keeping a tight lid on things, just like with the Droid Bionic. This phone might have a 1 Ghz CPU, and may have a dual-core Tegra 2. We aren’t sure yet but hopefully we will know soon. I have a feeling Verizon is planning for a big May/June right around summer push. More pictures at the source.

[via Android Central]