The Samsung Droid Charge, many might not even know what this device is, or even heard of it. The Droid Charge was originally at CES being mentioned by Verizon as a 4G LTE Device and they did not announce a name for it. Later we heard it was the Samsung Stealth V. Latest news has it as the Droid Charge, it now has that Verizon red DROID Eye.

See our main photo compared to those in that Stealth V link, they are very similar. It’s the same device. I had a chance to play with it at CES and it was a nice phone. 8MP Camera, great vibrant 4.3″ screen, but they wouldn’t tell me much. It is basically a Galaxy S with a better, and bigger screen, but not the higher specs of the Galaxy S 2. We mentioned it more here.

The Droid Charge source code has actually been released, and the device is not even out yet. We don’t even know when it is coming, but we are always happy to see code coming this fast. It is now freely available over at the Samsung Open Source Release Center, yes they have something called that. OSRC. If you are a developer, or enjoy tinkering with Android like I do, or just want to take a look feel free to check out the Droid Charge source code. Here is the link again below.

[via Open Source Release Center]