Last week, the BlackBerry Venice broke cover with the best hands-on photos. Even if the BlackBerry CEO still has not confirmed an Android phone, we’ve been seeing a number of leaked photos already. We earlier learned that the Venice will come with a slider display and QWERTY keys.

The last leak is a video published by Baka Mobile, showing off a new BlackBerry phone with some QWERTY-slider goodness. Instead of BlackBerry OS, we can expect this to run Android OS, probably the latest Marshmallow if not Lollipop. Some Android apps already run on some BlackBerry phones but people are demanding for a full Android-powered BlackBerry handset.

Any Android user will find the BlackBerry Venice featuring a mash up of BlackBerry and Android features. There’s the standard universal search, Google Services, BlackBerry Hub, and touch sensitive keyboard. The latter allows swiping so user can easily navigate a web browser and the menus.

We’re still not sure about the BlackBerry Venice as the final name but at least we know this one is headed to the United States and across all major carriers. This one is expected because the US is BlackBerry’s biggest market. Numbers are not really good and market share isn’t improving the past few years. Well, CEO John Chen is firm not to sell BlackBerry so he’s determined to come up with a smartphone that would probably save the company and this Venice could be the one.

While there are many Android OEMs to compete with, BlackBerry has a bit of an edge. For one, it has its unique connectivity options that pushes email even without an Internet connection. There’s also the physical QWERTY keyboard that’s long been removed from smartphones. BlackBerry still believes there are people who need such keys to be more productive.

So this BlackBerry Venice? Expect the smartphone to feature the best of both BlackBerry and Android. That’s really something to look forward to.

VIA: SlashGear

SOURCE: Baka Mobile