The previous rumors and recent leaks somehow all point to the possibility of an Android-running BlackBerry device but we have yet to hear from CEO himself John Chen. We all know Chen to be very confident when it comes to saying that the Canadian smartphone pioneer isn’t in trouble and is doing okay or is not for sale anytime soon. We believe what he’s saying but you can’t deny the fact that BlackBerry needs some help now if it wants to remain in the mobile industry. The best thing it can do right now is to finally release a fully Android-powered BlackBerry device which we think is now in the works — the BlackBerry Venice being the first.

The CEO isn’t saying anything grand but he said that more of their handsets need more apps. We don’t know if he meant more BlackBerry apps or new ones for the BlackBerry Android device. We’re betting on a BlackBerry Android-powered phone because it just makes sense and one is expected to be very powerful. Well, at least, John Chen was honest enough to admit that BlackBerry handsets and recents sales are not faring well.

There are not enough apps on BlackBerry even with the addition of Amazon’s Android app store, the numbers simply can’s complete with that of the App Store and the Google Play Store. John Chen also hinted that BlackBerry can’t afford to go in the business alone anymore and that cross-platform can be a good idea. Rumor has it that BlackBerry is also in talks with Samsung but we have yet to hear any confirmation from either of the two brands.

BlackBerry could be in the business of patent licensing because such may bring their technologies to more devices and markets. Chen could be following the footsteps of IBM so it’s latest deal with Cisco is expected to bring more revenue to the company. Chen could still be in denial of BlackBerry’s fate but we all know what happens when one doesn’t seek help from others who are more than capable.

VIA: re/code