We’ve been following wild and crazy tablet for what seems like forever. This is the tablet that at one point was being called the next Nexus T, aka the next hero Google device. This device was the United States version of Japan’s Toshiba Regza, both of these devices essentially one in the same save for the Japanese version’s silver back as opposed to the Thrive’s black. We’ve heard of major delays for this device as well as prices sitting right around $429 or so with a few snips up or down here and there today. Finally, only a week ago we were told there were going to be pre-orders for this tablet sooner than later. What have we learned today?

Today we’ve learned a whole throwdown of facts on this device including the most recent leak of device numbers finding their way to the public via Toshiba themselves. This leak includes the device switching from AT300/23C to the slightly more advanced AT300/24C, in Japan now being confirmed to be coming out with Android 3.1 Honeycomb where here in the states we’ve had the same confirmed by sources for some time now. The difference between here and Japan is the release schedule, that being specifically that the lower-numbered model may still go out to pre-ordered businesses who will actually be using the tablets for their business (as opposed to reselling them as a vendor.)

Prices on this device include the 8GB model at $429, the 16GB at $479, and the 32GB at $579. Pre-ordering begins at Best Buy on June 13th while shipping isn’t likely to begin here in the USA until July 10th. This device is set to be carrying an NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-core processor, will support Wifi, Bluetooth, HDMI output, and will have SD card and full-sized USB slots for some excellent controller action. See our review of Android 3.1 Honeycomb for an idea of what you’ll be getting for the OS.

Another fun fact for this device is that it’ll be amongst the oncoming wave of Honeycomb devices with Swype pre-installed. For a review of Swype for Honeycomb as it exists in Beta today, take a look at our full review of said app in all its glory. It’s glorious!

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