Apps are designed for special purposes. Most of the apps we use are those created for particular reasons that are common to majority of the mobile consumers all over the world. Need to do something? There’s an app for that. Want some answers to hard questions? There’s an app for that. How about more help on a topic? There’s an app for that.

Think of any problem or situation and you’re sure to find a related app. With millions of apps available across all platforms, there’s no reason why you can’t get a task or job done. However, apps are not all for business. Some are for entertainment, productivity, lifestyle, social networking, or education. Most of the apps considered as fun are games although not all titles on the Play Store are enjoyable.

There are apps developed solely to make you laugh and forget about a few minutes of your life. These apps are fund to use and guaranteed to make you smile. Here are some apps we’ve tried recently that we think are fun to use.

Google Search (Animal Sounds)
Google Search animanl sound
This is not exactly a new app but an update to Google will let you search for animal sounds. It’s a great tool for parents who have young ones constantly asking about a new animal they just discovered. Search for an animal and results will include a ‘Play sound’ area where you can easily click on the audio icon to hear animal sounds.

Download Google Search


iFart Fart Sounds App
We don’t have to explain what this one can do but the name can be considered gross. Okay, don’t take this personally but its arrival on the Play Store is significant. It’s very much welcome because the app has been available on iOS for many years now.

This app has been redesigned for Android and now includes some signature features and security enhancements. We’re not certain why iFart describes security features but this is not a serious app. I repeat, this is not a serious app. You need some hilarity in your life so chill. It’s just an app.

Download iFart Fart Sounds



MonospaceWriting that novel or project for work doesn’t need to be boring. While laptops are very portable, you can’t always they bring them you. Good thing smartphones are available to make your life easier if not fun. Monospace is a writing app that boasts of a minimalist design so you won’t be distracted. You see, your attention span is short so you easily wander. Don’t let yourself be caught in the rabbit hole.

Monospace helps you focus on your writing. When working, you only need to face the computer or phone screen when mobile. It’s minimalist alright but design isn’t boring. In fact, it looks fun because it’s looks like an old school computer program. Such may even inspire you to finish a task or hone your craft. Use a hashtag so you can easily look for a document next time. What’s fun about this Monospace Writer text app? The fact that you can customize typefaces, customize the Formatting Bar, and allow Drive Sync according to your preference.

Download Monospace


Inside Abbey Road – Cardboard

Inside Abbey Road - Cardboard
Go down and explore Abbey Road without having to leave the comforts of your own home. Virtual reality will be bigger but while waiting for more VR products and apps, there are 360-degree videos to enjoy. You don’t even need the latest wearable. That ordinary and inexpensive Google Cardboard is your friend.

Even if you are not a fan of the Beatles, you will find that the Abbey Road is an interesting tourist spot. It’s considered a musical treasure and an important English Heritage site that you must visit. Walk down Abbey Road and imagine you and your band crossing the street.

Download Inside Abbey Road


Samsung Milk VR
Still on the virtual reality experience. The Samsung Milk VR app is now ready for more VR headsets. If you haven’t purchased a pair, it’s time to get one as more VR contents are being produced each day. No plans of getting one soon? It’s fine. We’re not forcing you but we’re certain you will change your mind after watching all the videos available.

Experience virtual reality content like never before. Install Samsung Milk VR on a supported phone and start watching the VR and 360-degree shows.

Download Samsung Milk VR