If until now, you still haven’t figured out what the heck the fox says, (as asked by Norwegian duo Ylvis) then now you can actually ask Google and just maybe you’ll get your answer. The newest feature from the search giant can be both an educational tool for the young ones, and a fun time waster for the adults. You will now be able to play an animal sound when you search for a specific mammal or bird or sea creature that you’d like to hear.

When you Google “animal noises”, you’ll get a random animal and if you click on the sound icon, surprise, you’ll actually get the supposed sound of the animal. We say supposed, because some of the sounds are actually weird, and depending on where you’re from, may not be the sound you’re familiar with. But either way, it’s a cute way of searching for animals, whether you’re teaching kids animal sounds for school/homeschool or if you have nothing better to do but just listen to whatever Google has to offer, animal sound-wise.

You can also search for specific animals (well as long as it is available in their limited sound data bank) like “what sound does a cat make” and you’ll get the actual animal, and then some suggestions below. So far, what we’ve seen (and heard) are the following: cats, dogs, pigs, cows, horses, turkeys, roosters, tigers, zebras, lions, apes, raccoons, elephants, humpback whales, blowback whales, moose. No word yet on whether they’ll be adding more animals soon.

This works across various platforms, devices, browsers, and screen sizes. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed from the list above, foxes aren’t included. So what they actually say may still remain a mystery.

SOURCE: Google