If you’re the type of person who gets grossed out by anything that has to do with passing gas, you might want to step away (if you haven’t yet, based on the title). But if you’re the kind of person who believes that any flatulence-related tricks and jokes are the best, then this one is probably for you. After enjoying success on iOS for years, the iFart® Fart Sounds App is now finally available for Android devices.

Yes, apparently, an app that does nothing but give you joy through fart sounds was immensely popular since it launched back in 2008 and has inspired several copycat apps. But now the original app is available on Android and has been rebuilt from the ground app, enhancing their “signature features” for a whole new market. It has a security feature that will supposedly stop criminals in their tracks, if ever said criminals are easily embarrassed by being accused of farting. We’re not sure if this can actually prevent theft, but hey, at least that option is there.

If for some reason, you want to up the gross out factor, you can now actually record your own funny fart sounds through the Record-A-Fart feature, which is pretty self-explanatory. Add it to the database and share it with loved ones, just like you would any other memory. There are also new additional fart packs that are available on the Fart Store, if you’re willing to spend some real money just getting various packages like Fart Wars Fart Pack, Movies Fart Pack, Bands Fart Pack, etc.

This may not be a life-changing app, but hey, if you need a little hilarity in your life, who are we to judge. The iFart® Fart Sounds App can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.