Digital Labs Paris have recently released a new Google Glass app. The app is called Timelapse Glass and just like the name would suggest, this one will allow Glass users to create timelapse videos. TheTimelapse Glass app is said to be for Glass users that want to “share a day story.”

The APK for the Timelapse Glass app can be found on the Digital Labs Paris website (link below) and will need to be sideloaded. But once the app has been installed, you’ll get to kick things off by saying “Ok Glass, start timelapse.” After the app launches you have the option to create new, or watch an existing timelapse.

Assuming you opt to create new, once the process begins you will see the current duration of the video and the amount of frames. Perhaps key here, you will also get a view of what the app is recording. Once done you simply tap the touchpad to stop the recording. And while not yet available, a sharing option was teased as coming soon.

While this app will let you create timelapse videos, we also saw another video related app earlier in the week. The other was Livestream which allows you to stream live (from Glass) and chat with those who are watching your stream. Some other recent releases include Layar and Preview for Glass. And while the Glass Explorer program is currently invite only, it is looking like Google may drop that requirement for one 24-hour period.

VIA: Google Glass Fans

SOURCE: Timelapse Glass