Those who have been hoping to get Google Glass may soon have the opportunity. According to a recently leaked presentation slide, it looks like Google may soon allow you to purchase Glass without having any special invitation. These purchases will still fall under the Explorer Program and those looking to buy will still need the same amount of money — $1,500.

Details suggest the invitation-free Glass purchases will begin at 6AM PST on April 15th and last for “about a day.” Purchases would be made through the Google Glass website and limited to those in the US. There was also mention of Google including a free shade or one of the more recently released set of frames.


To make it clear, this isn’t the consumer launch of Glass that many had been waiting for. This actually seems like it will be more a push to expand the numbers of the Explorers Program. Google has been offering a limited amount of invites directly, and in the past, they had also given current Explorers the opportunity to invite friends. Still, even with that, the Explorer program isn’t all that large.

There has yet to be any official confirmation from Google here, however judging from the date on the slide — it looks like the final determination for this program will be made today. Just in case this gets the green light to move forward, those who have been itching to get their hands on Glass may want to start looking at the finances.

[UPDATE] Google has since offered confirmation.

SOURCE: The Verge