Layar has arrived for Google Glass. The app, simply called Layar for Glass is available by way of the Layar website. The release means another augmented reality view for Glass users and in the case of Layar, that will mean using the command; “Ok Glass, scan this” to get started.

Details coming from the Layar announcement touch on how this means users will be able to experience any of the 200,000 Interactive Print pages, or any of the 6,000 location based Geo Layers. On the Interactive Print side, this is where static print content will “come alive.” These print campaigns are found in a variety of newspapers and magazines including Men’s Health and Glamour.


When any of these interactive print pages are scanned using the Layar for Glass app, users will see content to include videos and photo slideshows along with links to buy and share. Layar also mentioned how these mean “immersive 3D experiences.” On the Geo Layers side users will be getting location-based information.


These details will touch on everything from local real restate listings, to geotagged media like nearby photos and tweets. These details will then be presented in an augmented “heads up” view using the camera on Glass. That all having been said, the Layar for Glass app, as well as some getting stated details can be found using the source link sitting below.

VIA: SlashGear, +KeithAchorn