Here’s a Glassware that doesn’t try to study other people’s faces, at least not physically. Preview for Glass augments your movie-going or hunting experience by letting you easily watch the trailer for a particular movie just by staring at its poster.

Google Glass apps, called Glassware nowadays, range from lifelogging or picture-taking, to navigation, to facial, or even emotion, recognition. This new Glassware comes with a simple name and a simple goal that adds value to your Glass-augmented life without much fuss, gimmick,and hopefully without controversy either.

Preview for Glass uses object recognition, specifically image recognition, similar to Google’s own Goggles Android app. Glass users simply look at a poster and utter the magical phrase “OK Glass, preview the movie” to see the latest trailer. They don’t even need to tap on the Glass’ touchpad to activate anything. And the poster doesn’t even have to be a poster on a wall but can be a DVD cover, as demonstrated in the video below.

Preview for Glass is still in its infancy, so there is no assurance that it will work with every movie poster out there. The developer is quite confident that its database will eventually grow to accommodate new movies as they come.

SOURCE: Preview for Glass
VIA: Android Guys