Google Glass users now have another option when it comes to streaming live video. This latest app is called Livestream, and it will allow Glass wearers to begin streaming with a voice command and a tap. In this case the command is “Ok Glass, Livestream.”

Once the live stream has begun you’ll see details to include the amount of time you have been streaming for, as well as the current amount of viewers and the current bitrate you are transmitting at. These details all appear along the top of your view in Glass.


Livestream Glass users will also be able to participate in the chat. Incoming chat messages can be seen in real-time, and you can also respond back via voice. And for now this means you will be streaming live to a Livestream channel. Naturally, Glass users can still stream live using Hangouts


Any additional support for Glass is likely welcomed as it will help to continue platform growth, however we suspect the Livestream app could end up being additional fuel for those overly concerned with privacy and being recorded without knowing.

SOURCE: Livestream