Expect T-Mobile, aka The Un-Carrier, to show off any new flagship phones in interesting, unique, and oftentimes crazy ways. During the first half, we saw Galaxy S7 unboxing video done underwater, the “World’s Fastest Unboxing Video” of the LG G5, and that “Epic Unboxing” of HTC 10 at 10,000 ft above Las Vegas.

Once again, the latest unboxing video involves water. Going down the slide is exhilarating already but open a box of a new phone–crazy! T-Mobile Expert Des Smith nailed it as usual although we’re not sure if we’re ever inspired to do it ourselves. Watch the unboxing video below:

Des must have had a grand time going down the Zooma Falls at the Wild Waves Theme Park in Washington. We’re not sure when T-Mobile recorded the video but the video sure showed one fun unboxing. It’s crazy because who would really unbox a new gadget while riding down a slide? Only Des and T-Mobile. Of course, everything is done for fun and this one hits two birds with one stone: unbox and then prove that the phone is IP68-approved.

As we noted earlier, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be available from T-Mobile for $849 or with a $69 downpayment and a $32.50 monthly fee under contract. Phone will arrive August 19 in the United States and September 2 in Europe. Pre-order is already open in the country but will open later this August 16 in Europe.

SOURCE: T-Mobile


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