Trust T-Mobile to always show off new tricks up its sleeves. Aside from the numerous Uncarrier moves and its CEO John Legere surprising us with his opinions and antics, here’s T-Mobile’s Senior Product Manager of Superphones Des Smith once again unboxing a new flagship phone. After his underwater unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy S7, here’s another unusual way of opening the new LG G5–in high-speed aboard a rally car.

Des Smith together with a professional rally car driver rode in speed at a track in DirtFish Rally School located in North Bend, Washington and then unboxed an LG G5. While the vehicle was going around the track, Des was seen busy opening a box.

Watch the video below and see how heart-thumping it can be:

Inside the box, there’s the SIM card, quick-start welcome guide, USB Type-C charger, and a wall charger. The 32GB LG G5 features a gorgeous metal design. Phone can be availed in silver or gold and is offered with several “Friends”.

The Friends/module accessories include a Cam Plus, 360 Cam, and the 360 VR. The LG Cam Plus allows a comfortable grip and can extend battery life while the 360 Cam can take a 360-degree video with just one click. For those who want to try virtual reality, the LG 360 VR is more lightweight, portable, immersive, and interactive.

So you think T-Mobile is crazy? This one is actually cool but we don’t think the “World’s Fastest Unboxing” should be repeated anytime soon. It’s a bit dizzying but we wonder how it is to be riding if not driving a rally car.

Note that this video was done with a professional driver so unless you are an expert or a real rally driver, don’t try this along your street.

SOURCE: T-Mobile


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