Samsung has finally took the wraps off the new Galaxy Note 7. We had our hands-on feature earlier and we can say it’s one solid phablet for those looking for a replacement for their old Note. It’s a better alternative to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge as the device has several improvements. Of course, the S Pen makes it more functional and productive.

Some of you may have probably decided you’re getting one especially after learning that the phone has super friends. No, the Note 7 isn’t exactly a modular phone but there are several accessories you can use with it like the folio case that can be used as a stand, lens cases, keyboard case, and the Gear VR.

Phone will be available in three color options: Black Onyx, Silver Titanium, and Blue Coral. We said it will be ready from T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon beginning August 19 and now we’ve got more details from these mobile carriers. Pre-orders are now open for the new Note 7.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be offered by Verizon for $864 as full retail price. You can also avail of the phone with a $36 monthly fee on a two-year contract. An unboxing video was recently shared by the company. Watch below:

As mentioned, the Note 7 will be in stores beginning August 19. If you buy from Verizon, you will get either a Samsung 256GB memory card or a Gear Fit2 for FREE. This is a limited offer that will also come with a $20 reward with one’s first shopping transaction with Samsung Pay. Verizon is also offering accessories for the Note 7 such as the Gear 360 ($349), Gear VR ($99), Gear IconX, and the Gear Fit2.


The Un-carrier has a special offer for those who will place their orders for the Note 7. Beginning today and August 28, those who will pre-order for the 64GB model from T-Mobile can choose from any of these freebies: 256GB microSD memory card, Samsung Gear Fit2, or one year of free Netflix.

You can pre-order for the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 in stores, contacting the T-Mobile Customer CARE, or online. Retail price is $849. It will available for $32.50/month with a $69 downpayment.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will also be ready for purchase from AT&T at or in stores. Pre-order is also now open for the August 19 release. Phone is offered for $36.67/month for two years on AT&T Next Every Year and $29.34 per month on AT&T Next. Like Verizon and T-Mobile, AT&T has special promos. Honestly, the list below look more attractive:

• Buy one Galaxy Note 7, Get a Galaxy Tab E for $0.99
• Buy one Galaxy Note 7, Get a free Samsung Gear S2 with a 2-yr contract
• Buy one Galaxy Note 7, Get $695 in monthly AT&T Next credits to purchase a second

Another advantage of getting a Note 7 AT&T is the NumberSync which is compatible with the Galaxy Tab E and Gear S2. This means you can use one number on your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch.

SOURCE: Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile


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