Today marks the day, the amazing T-Mobile LG G2x was released along with the G-slate and Sidekick 4G and there is already reports coming in that there might be a few hardware issues that need to be worked out. Or some quality control. We have our very own review unit of the G2x and it was awesome. Nothing but great things to say about it, but we got another one and it had a serious issue. Backlight bleeding.

What you see above is the MyTouch4G on the left, and the G2x on the right. Both with a black screen. See the issue, the light is bleeding severely on the G2x. This is the worst case I’ve seen so I don’t think it is a big issue, but worth noting. A few users over at XDA have also reported the same thing, but none seem to be as bad as this. I understand it is a LCD, and they have these issues, just like my $1000 Samsung TV in my living room, but when no other smartphone I’ve ever used looks this way. I would consider that an issue. I also want to mention this isn’t very noticeable on Android 2.2, but it will be on the black notification bar of Android 2.3 as well as every game, or video with black bars or dark area’s.

There is a pretty big debate going on over at XDA about the fact that people with this should just “deal with it” and I see there point because it is how LCD’s are designed. I just think this is to the point where it is more than just a little bit. I’ve used the Droid, the Nexus One, Vibrant, G2, MyTouch4G, Droid X, and the EVO and more, and none of them had anything NEAR as bad as the photo above. So either it is just a LCD issue and we should all get over it, or do you think this should not happen when it doesn’t on any other phone is your choice to make. Let us know in the comments below.