Daring. That’s how we want to describe Des Smith right now. The Uncarrier’s Product Guy has done it again and proven to the mobile industry that his unboxing videos matter. They matter if we’re talkimg about entertainment and getting our attention although sometimes we think there is no point. Then again, we are delighted by Des. For the Samsung Galaxy S8’s unboxing, he is going underwater again. This time though, with the sharks! T-Mobile doesn’t need to explain why this unboxing is done underwater for the simple reason they’re awesome.

Well, it’s not exactly the most practical way to do but for novelty’s sake, we’re fine with it. In the latest unboxing video, you will see Des inside a cage while sharks swim around him. This guy has done the impossible again but we’re not surprised because he’s done it down the waterslide, at 10,000 feet high, and high-speed aboard a rally car. Last tear’s Galaxy S7 was unboxed underwater to show the phone was indeed waterproof. For the Galaxy S8, it’s doing the same challenge but with a twist. And what crazy twist is that.

Des doesn’t appear scared. In fact, looks like he’s having fun. What a daredevil this guy is! At the end of the video, he hoped that he’s as fast as the lightning-fast LTE network of T-Mobile. To see if the phone’s connectivity is really fast, T-Mobile also posted an official Speed Test demo.

The Uncarrier reached gigabit-class LTE speeds in its Bellevue lab using the new Samsung Galaxy S8. That’s impressive but we’ll have to check it for ourselves.

SOURCE: T-Mobile


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