We’ve finally seen Andy Rubin’s latest project–the Essential Phone. It was unveiled last week after being teased and benchmarked. The almost bezel-less display has been confirmed and we can’t wait to get our hands on one. We’ll have to wait as the phone will ship in less than 30 days. For now, we’ll content ourselves with reading more teasers and watching demos.

We’re expecting some early reviews as well and hopefully, no more negative news like this one: Essential being sued by Spigen. So what’s the issue? Trademark infringement. Spigen is currently accusing Essential of infringement, saying that it owns the trademark for the name “Essential”. You would think that it’s not exactly a common name but apparently, Spigen owns the trademark for it.

We’re not aware that Spigen has a line of accessories called Essential but the company is right, some consumers may be confused. Spigen already sent a cease and desist letter to Essential Products, asking them to stop using the name. According to Spigen, “Essential” covers different products from headphones to chargers and smartphone cases. They are just accessories and not phones like the Essential Phone but Spigen said that it may cause confusion.

Essential doesn’t have any official statement yet but the startup has until June 15 to send in their response. A spokesperson only said, “Essential believes they are without merit and will respond appropriately.”

We’re curious to know how Andy Rubin will go around this situation. Lawyers of Spigen even said that the new company was denied by the USPTO twice already before so they have a strong case against Rubin’s group. Let’s wait and see how Spigen and Essential will discuss the matter.

VIA: SlashGear


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