The Essential Phone by Andy Rubin has been announced recently. We don’t think we can ever not mention the guy known for being the father of Android. He’s been working on the smartphone since he left Google for a new startup that has recently started to enter the mobile game with a new smartphone. The device looks promising because of its large, almost bezel-less screen and modular ecosystem.

The phone is still powered by Android so you won’t have to learn a new platform. Good thing Rubin and his team decided to make use of what is available instead of create a new one. This way, the Android community will be able to easily choose to upgrade to an Essential Phone. Instead of getting the newest premium flagship phone from the more popular OEMs today, you can consider this Essential Phone and take advantage of the edge-to-edge display, well-built design,

The device will ship in about 30 days according to Andy Rubin. That means the Essential Phone will roll out anytime soon although there is no word where the phone will be available first. We’re assuming in the United States since Essential’s headquarters is in Palo Alto, California. Android has a big market in the US so it is best to start where people are more likely to support the Android creator.

Meanwhile, the Essential Home is confirmed to be able to run the Google Assistant, Alexa, and even Siri. Yes, the iOS platform can also play well with the system. Google Assistant is expected because the smart device runs on the latest Android while Alexa is usually integrated on several products and services especially in the country.

Andy Rubin demonstrated the Essential Phone during a live streaming with Recode. You will see the magnetic connector in action and somehow understand how it will be different. It’s more than just another Android phone because it is expected to get more attention with its 360-degree personal camera and future add-on accessories.

Watch the video below:

VIA: Recode


  1. I think he actually gets it. The key is to get all of the brands hardware to work together. Closed off walled gardens are not what consumers want. Make an OS that will communicate with all the IoT devices and it will thrive.


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