If you’re the creator of Android, then you pretty much have it made in the world. But Andy Rubin is not resting on his considerable laurels – he’s up to something new with Essential Products. It’s a new smartphone, and he just showed us a small peek at what looks to be another almost bezel-less device.

Look at the image, and we’d forgive you if you thought it was the Mi Mix. Rubin – famous for putting together the Android mobile operating system that you and I use daily – posted an image of the top right corner of a smartphone which, like the Mi Mix, seems to have almost zero bezel on top. See the mocked up recreation of the phone by our friends at SlashGear below.

So Rubin is going with a device with almost no bezel on top – and could possibly have no bezel below the screen, although that is mere assumption at this point. There’s still a lot we don’t know about this new phone, but Rubin says that he’s “really excited about how this is shaping up.” Go figure what that means.

The sweet spot for this device is if it is priced aggressively, while giving you a very good argument for hardware specs. It looks like Essential Products like to strip down hardware to the essentials (pun intended), so that the pricing does not need to go up. But we hope that what is there will still give us an enjoyable hardware experience. So here’s hoping.

VIA: SlashGear


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