We have seen both the SE Xperia Play and the Xperia Arc more than a few times. Today they’ve both been spotted in different flavors than we are used to. First off is the Xperia Play wearing a fancy Orange outfit and then the Xperia Arc is dress in White. These pictures are coming out of a SE launch conference in Asia so they could just be special devices, or we might see these flavors hit the shelves in select regions.

Last time we saw the Xperia Arc it was unlocked and for sale in the US but only with Blue or Silver color options, but now photos are showing they might also have a White model for those in need. While these aren’t anything special or new it’s always fun to see new colors. Just think, an Orange Xperia Play rocking CM7 sounds nice right?

More details on both of these phones can be seen over on the Xperia Blog who is also covering the conference where these phones were spotted. While the Orange colored Play might just be a unique device someone brought to the show we did see a Xperia Play with HDMI-Out a few months ago back in June, so it’s pretty possible they’ve still been making changes although that was a developer model. Either way these are fun and new, so thought we’d share. Enjoy your weekend!

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[via PocketNow]