When the Xperia Play launched one of the features everyone wished they had was HDMI out. To be able to enjoy those amazing games over HDMI would really make the Play a true gaming phone. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play did not ship with HDMI out, although devices like the Arc did so there must have been a reason behind this. You can see our very own unboxing and hands-on, HDMI out is missing sadly.

We don’t know much more than the picture above shows. This may be development hardware or even just another version for another market. If you saw our unboxing video posted above, or even read our amazing Xperia Play Review you will see that the micro-usb for charging is in fact under the right joystick and nothing is under the left, on the Verizon version at least.

The source mentions it may be a micro-usb to hdmi converter but the usb port is not on that side, that also rules out MHL. So this could in fact be development hardware or possibly an updated version or second generation Play. We wont know more until more details surface so stay tuned and we will update you as we hear more.

[via SE-Xperia]