Samsung SmartThings The Genie Company Aladdin Connect

Samsung SmartThings definitely has big potential especially since there are plenty of Samsung smart devices and products available. The South Korea tech giant isn’t just known for its smartphones. The name is also popular for other mobile gadgets and smart home appliances. The company made things official in 2015 and further in 2018 when it consolidated the IoT products and services into SmartThings. It’s more than just a mobile app. It’s now a whole ecosystem of smart devices.

SmartThings now works with The Genie Company and Aladdin Connect. Another good news was announced earlier this week. Samsung has teamed up with The Genie Company. This means the Aladdin Connect smart garage door openers and kits now work with SmartThings.

Aladdin Connect Samsung SmartThings

The products are now “Works with SmartThings” certified. If you own a smart garage door, you can operate in from your SmartThings app. It may also open or respond to other compatible SmartThings devices.

Samsung SmartThings, The Genie Company Integration

Your Aladdin Connect smart garage door opener works with SmartThings. Some actions are ready and may be used right away. Feel free to use ‘Multi-Platform Voice Control’, ‘Geofencing’, ‘Enhanced Safety’, and ‘Simplified Home Control’. With the integration of the two system, you are also allowed connections to more compatible devices.

Some other useful features include detection dangerous levels CO or smoke levels. It could then open the garage door to disperse the smoke. The Multi-Platform Voice Control allows you to use Bixby, Google Assistant, or Alexa to open or close a garage door. Geofencing allows geo-tagging for automatic entry.