If you want to know what are the next accessories that Samsung is going to release, you don’t even need to find leaks outside of the brand. The SmartThings app has been a source of leaks previously and it looks like this year is no exemption. The latest update shows support for three unreleased accessories which we can probably expect to be announced soon: the AKG N400, a fully wireless earbuds, and two headphones, the AKG Y400 and the AKG Y600.

While the app indicates support for these three unannounced devices, there aren’t any details yet as to their specs and features. An article on XDA Developers shows the glyphs of the headphones and earbuds which gives us some clues as to what they will look like but not much in way of other details. All we know is that you will probably be able to control them through the SmartThings app.

The AKG N400 are fully wireless earbuds that may be positioned as a competitor to the Apple Powerbeats Pro. The fact that it has AKG in its name means that it is fully made and tuned by the audio studio that Samsung previously acquired and that has been part of the branding of most of its audio products. This is unlike Samsung’s other fully wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds which are made by Samsung and marketed with “Sound by AKG”.

Meanwhile the two headphones, the AKG Y400 and the AKG Y600 also don’t have other details aside from the glyphs included In the app update. The former looks like on-ear headphones and is actually similar to the current AKG Y500. The latter seems like an over-ear headphones and is slightly larger than the other one.

All of the three are in the latest SmartThings update and were actually already included in the June 1.7.33 update. But again, we have no details, much less pricing and date of availability. But given that they have been “leaked” in the app, this will probably come soon.