If you’d like to make sure that your house is secure even when you’re away, there are a lot of tools now available to you that won’t involve setting up a super expensive government-level surveillance system. One of these is the SmartThings product line from Samsung, and now, they are available in the UK to help residents have a truly smarter house that will not just automate a lot of items but also set up a system that would alert you to any “security breaches” at your home.

The Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit will give you the ability to “monitor, control, and secure” your home, even when you’re far away. It is made up of the Hub, Multi Sensor, Motion Sensor, Presence Sensor, and Power Outlet. The SmartThings Hub can be used to connect your lights, locks, cameras, etc with its powerful processor and backup battery that would give you 10 hours of power even if an outage happens. It also has a local app engine that optimized the performance and so the hub can function even without Internet connection.

The Multi Sensor device will check whether all your windows, doors, drawers or garage doors are open or closed while the Motion Sensor detects whether there is someone or something moving within your house. The Presence Sensor meanwhile tells you whether people or pets or cars arrive home or leave home. The Power Outlet controls lights, electronics, and even small appliances.

Meanwhile, the SmartThings Home Monitor sends you alerts or messages and video-clip notifications when there are fires, leaks, floods, or household intrusions. Meanwhile, on the SmartThings app, you will also receive notifications and then control the smart devices installed in your house. The SmartThings Starter Kit and individual items will be sold in these prices:

– Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit: £199

– SmartThings Multi Sensor: £30

– SmartThings Motion Sensor: £30

– SmartThings Presence Sensor: £30

– SmartThings Power Outlet: £45

– SmartThings Moisture Sensor (not sold as part of Starter Kit): £30

SOURCE: Samsung