Samsung is getting more serious in the smart home arena. We’re not sure if it will win in the mobile game this year but we’re feeling positive about its efforts in the smart device and appliance category. At this week’s CES, the Family Hub fridge was already introduced and now, we’ve got more good news as the South Korean tech giant is pushing SmartThings forward by connecting all its smart devices to just one system.

Samsung will finally consolidate all its smart products and have the SmartThings app become that ultimate app for the Internet of Things (IoT). We may have missed the report but Samsung is proud to announce that it has connected more than 10 million devices in over a million homes all over the world. This year, SmartThings can make each home smarter with next-gen products, services, and innovative enhancements.

All new smart products that the South Korean tech giant will be launching, they can be accessed and managed directly from the SmartThings app or cloud. Samsung’s smart home ecosystem is expected to expand as hundreds of devices will be added to the platform. Samsung’s other systems like Samsung Connect and Family Hub will now be consolidated into SmartThings.

SmartThings’ CEO and Founder Alex Hawkinson only have good words about SmartThings. He said the “open-ecosystem is the most versatile, secure, and simple offering, making it the ideal solution for consumers, device makers, and developers”. “We will continue to pioneer the smart home and further expand the reach of our open platform. Our goal is to pave the way for next-generation services, security and energy-saving technology to open new doors for consumers,” the Samsung exec added.

The release of SmartThings app is just one. Developers will be able to make more services, apps, and products on special panels made especially for developers. Samsung believes this will be the start of consumer IoT and probably smart home industry’s exponential growth.

SOURCE: Samsung


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