Samsung put on quite a show when they announced the Galaxy S4 last year. That event took place at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Perhaps key though, the Galaxy S4 unveil appeared to be more show than product announcement. With that said, there appears to be some good news for those who suffered through that event.

Details come by way of the NYTimes who are reporting how Samsung plans to go low-key this year. The report cites “a person in the smartphone industry” and otherwise, details here point to how the announcement event should be “more business than broadway.” This does make sense as Mobile World Congress is a trade show and will offer a setting much different than Radio City Music Hall.

Much of the Unpacked 5 event chatter includes how Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy S5 — but it seems that will not be the only device being shown. It is looking like Samsung will be showing the next-generation Galaxy Gear smartwatch. For now there hasn’t been much in the way of details on the watch, however an earlier report mentioned how it would have a “flexible organic light-emitting diode display.”

As well, there has been talk of Samsung keeping things a bit simpler in terms of features. This comes as many had used the term gimmicky in regards to some of the software features on the Galaxy S4. It was said how there will be “design enhancements and other improvements” but that overall, the “company is counting on other things, like an expected new version of its Nox security software, to enhance the appeal of its devices to relatively untapped audiences, like business users.”

It is also likely we will be seeing some news regarding Tizen. There have been a recent rash of rumors including details on the Z9000 and Z9005 smartphones. Otherwise, while Samsung is not expected to make a formal announcement during Unpacked 5, they are expected to launch a Google Glass competitor later this year.