Samsung Display

Samsung is still number one when it comes to smartphones. Xiaomi is eyeing the top spot but we believe the South Korean tech giant will not let it happen. When it comes to other businesses, Samsung is doing great especially in the display market. It supplies to some of the major OEMs like Google, Vivo, OPPO, and Xiaomi. With the success of the Samsung Galaxy Z series, other phone makers have been looking at Samsung to provide their foldable screens.

Ross Young (@DSCCRoss) has shared an important information related to the display business. He said that Samsung Display will be providing panels for all 2021 foldables. Specifically, they will be 120Hz and LTPO.

The list includes the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 with a 7.55-inch panel and the Galaxy Z Flip 3 with a 6.70-inch. Almost mentioned were other foldables from Google (7.57-inch), OPPO (7.11-inch), Vivo (8.2-inch), and Xiaomi (8.1”-inch). Obviously, this will mean an increase in revenue for the Samsung Display division.

Samsung has been leading in the foldable smartphone game. Business is good but the foldable phone category has yet to become really popular. Maybe this year, with Samsung introducing a lower-priced foldable phones, more people will buy.

Other OEMs are also considering introducing their own foldable phones. Most of them are Chinese OEMs so we can expect they are capable of rolling out new devices at lower prices. We’re looking at the Vivo NEX foldable phone series, a new Xiaomi foldable smartphone, that TCL Fold ‘n’ Roll concept, and an OPPO foldable phone. A Google foldable phone may also be in the works and could use UTG .