With a name like the Stratosphere we can only assume this thing is reaching for the top, or the clouds I should say. It appears Verizon made a support page for the upcoming Samsung Stratosphere and then quickly removed it. It’s worth noting many other Verizon handsets all have similar pages so this could prove to be the name of a new phone or the rumored Samsung Galaxy S II 4G LTE phone.

We don’t have any actual details on what this device will actually be but like mentioned, a name like that you can bet Verizon is planning something big and it will most likely be one amazing device with a dual-core and 4G LTE as a start. This could be a slider or an entirely different Samsung device altogether but that fancy name has us thinking differently.

We have seen a few different names for a possible Samsung Galaxy S II for Verizon with one being the Samsung Function and that name has appeared more than once so we still might see the Samsung Function as the SGSII for Verizon, and then maybe a 4G LTE slider similar to this leaked device.

We might be hearing more about this device soon so we will be sure to keep our ears open for more details. I still like the name and I’m hoping for something special.

[via Droid-Life]


  1. Samsung Stratosphere seems like a fitting name for the Samsung Galaxy S 2.  Samsung had sent a Samsung Galaxy S2 box to some techie’s, publishers and bloggers but when these guys opened the box expecting to see a preview of the U.S. version of the Galaxy S II what was in it was a small – mini telescope  and a note in the box stating:  “Keep watch for the next generation Galaxy S.”     ——-  If you think about it a telescope is used to see beyond the “stratosphere” To see the box and the card that was in it sent by Samsung go to for more pictures of the un-boxing by a publisher at a tech site :  http://www.slashgear.com/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-telescope-teaser-sent-to-publishers-27167835/

    • I agree. I think the Function may be the name of that slider we saw or perhaps the name of a non-LTE gs2? Stratosphere seems like abobe and beyond and the only way you can get that is dual core, LTE, and all around best phone on market to date. (aka. the NEW iPhone Killer) IMO.


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