Samsung’s first volley of Mobile World Congress press includes and update to their Galaxy Tab flagship, given the rather uninspired moniker Galaxy Tab 2. It’ll be one of the first Sammy tablets to run the Ice Cream Sandwich-TouchWiz combination in when it hits world markets in March, but beyond that, it isn’t much changed from the model we’ve come to know over the last eight months. From a design perspective, the front-facing speakers and branding mimic Germany’s Galaxy Tab 10.1N – no doubt to throw off the scent for Apple’s legal bulldogs.

Inside you get a 1Ghz dual-core processor of indeterminate make, 1GB of RAM and 16-32GB of storage space. The screen is the same 1280×800 LCD that the current model uses. The tablet’s skinny dimensions are kept intact, with a profile of just 9.7mm. It looks like Samsung has integrated come negative feedback from the original and included a MicroSD card slot, though it’s empty out of the box. Cameras are limited to 3MP on the back and VGA on the front. The company is pushing the HSPA+ model, but WiFi only and other variants will certainly be making their way onto shelves at some point.

This decidedly isn’t the 11.6-inch model we were expecting to see, nor is it the Galaxy Note 10.1 we’ve seen hints of. It looks like Samsung is refreshing its line of standard tablets (starting with the Galaxy Tab 2 7-inch we saw last week) so expect to see 8.9 and 7.7 varieties in a few weeks or months. This is the first of many unveils for Mobile World Congress, so make sure to check our MWC 2012 portal for more press and hands-on looks at new hardware.


  1. These are the exact same specs my tab has now! In fact, mine is thinner! WTF samsung? You slap a micro sd slot into it and call it a new model?! Are you fu$#%ng high?You couldnt even upgrade the cameras so they have a chance of competing with a smartphone? Couldn’t add some ram, tweak the processor, bump the resolution? Nothing? They’re just pissing on our heads without even the courtesy of calling it rain! Samsung: what a joke!

    •  Your unoriginally bad language is indicative of your low processor speed and lack of RAM.  Incidentally, a joke is supposed to be funny.

      • Hi Charlie, I agree. No doubt, Eric is frustrated, for many reasons I totally share, and yes I’m disappointed with Samsung, but reading his mail full of nasty language is so unpleasant.

    • oh charlie and caroline, get off your high horses. He can say whatever he pleases. If you can’t take a little language, don’t visit forums, because you’re never going to be able to avoid it. Stop being so pretentious!  😛

  2. WTF?? Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 ..What a fail for this release, eh?… this is not a upgrade.. the camera on this Galaxy tab 2 10.1  is now VGA, they drop the LED flash too…yuchhon the first version that I have now it is a 2 MP camera… Would rather keep mine and use the external hub I bought  for the storage …so a  trade for crappier front camera,  different position for speakers  and microsd slot on the tab 2 10.1 versus what I have now…all for the sake of ICS upgrade…hmm is this still a Tegra 2 chip or they drop that too??? 

  3. Seriously???? Some people just like to complain! If they had upgraded every aspect of this tablet, then everyone would be moaning about how they just bought the first model at full price and now a newer and better model is released.

    Some people are never satisfied!!!!!

  4. other than the specs staying the same or  being downgraded, the only selling feature is micro sd and ICS OS?? whatever happened to honeycomb being a tablet only OS that makes a customer feel good. now you run the same OS as your buddys galaxy note? lol….i have the tab 10.1 when the f are they going to release ICS on it?? now we know its compatible and can run smoothly on the tab 1 based on specs staying virtually the same.

  5. I just bought a tab 8.9. I am patiently waiting for the ICS update. It would be nice if Samsung would release the update soon! Version 3.X is nice and all but I want current os software.

  6. WHO CARES!  Samsung can go to Hellz for all I care anymore. Galaxy 10.1 tablet wi-fi to ICS…. Sure! Whatever… You said that 6 months ago… S-c-r-e-w Y-O-U!!! This company is the worst ever! The darn update has been ready, approved, tested and set forever! and they have NO REASON WHATSOEVER why they haven’t released it yet… I posted on Samsung FB and TWITTER and got the following response “Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for your patience. We will let you know the moment it is released and ready.”


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