Some new screenshots and details have appeared, confirming that Samsung has prepped and will be announcing the Galaxy Note 10.1 at Mobile World Congress later this month. Yes a 10″ Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung’s developer day announcement and invitation calmly mentions the Galaxy Note 10.1″ along with S-pen SDK, the Wave 3 and a few other non Android devices. Check it out.

Samsung casually mentions the already available 5.3″ Galaxy Note and then drops the 10.1″ model right after, with nothing other than the small tip as a teaser. It was spotted on their official blog but has since been removed. At first you’d think this was just a mistake but according to some text documents found by The Verge for a casting call by Samsung for a commercial this same device was listed again. Showing a Galaxy Note 10.1 used for educational purposes.

We don’t expect the new device to have phone capabilities and will basically be Samsung’s first 10″ Android tablet with full stylus “S-Pen” capabilities. We are also hopeful this will come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich but cannot confirm that at this time. I’m praying it will not run on Gingerbread. A Samsung S-Pen SDK has been released for developers, and the WACOM digitizer makes it offer the best stylus support we’ve seen thus far.

Samsung has mentioned in the past the options and great expectations they have for the S-Pen technology and this is their now obvious next step. What do you guys think? Would you buy a 10″ Note for the stylus support, or just stick to full keyboard options like the Transformer Prime?

[via SlashGear]


  1. A Wacom digitizer would turn Tablets from glorified eReaders to real work tools. Hell yea. That’s the ticket.

    With all due respect to laptops, this will definitely be a true notebook. If Google starts courting more professional software companies(Adobe, Autodesk, Corel etc’) to make serious Android app versions maybe that “post PC” era Jobs yapped about will actually make more sense. Jobs missed big time on styli. Resistive sucked major, but for input the pen beats both keyboard and fingers when “done right”.

    One last note – I really hope they’re not thinking about using tiny note leftover pens…

  2. Samsung makes too many variants of their products, if this is a Note, they need to replace the current Tab with this model for its next iteration and call them the same thing.  I can see having a different sized tablet but a 10.1″ Note and a 10.1″ Tab makes no sense.

  3. I’ll look into the 10.1 or larger if it comes out from Samsung. I have an ASUS transformer which I use to take notes in school with a capacitive stylus. I also have a Samung Galaxy Player 5.0 (5″ tablet) which I love. I wouldn’t mind if Samsung made a 10.1, included some sort of keyboard dock like they do for their galaxy tab, and the Korean version of the 10.1 had dmb. If not, I’ll end up with a Note in about a year or the sequel if it should it arrive.

  4. I wish there would be a tablet in which the screen itself was the size of a standard piece of paper (8.5″ x 11) which came with the s-pen. Then it would be the ultimate tablet for taking notes or whatever you need a pen for.


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