You know Samsung is working on something really important when there are already numerous leaks not just the past few months but years before the actual launch. It doesn’t mean the South Korean tech giant is slow in research and development. Perfecting the next display technology is not an easy feat especially if you’re one of the first doing it.

We remember that Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Display. We’ve been anticipating some bendable screens with rollable display but we have no idea yet when the technology will be introduced. We also know Samsung has been working on a dual-screen smartphone prototype. The latest information we got was a foldable smartphone spotted getting certification.

We also saw the Samsung Galaxy X sketches and discovered a patent application. This time around, a new set of images shows the interface of a dual-screen ‘Galaxy X’. It’s only a prototype but we can tell it’s working.

We have some ideas about how the folding smartphone will look like based on early illustrations and leaks but nothing is final yet. The screenshots below are for the dual-screen interface. We see a pair of displays that can be used vertically or horizontally (portrait or landscape mode) both at once.

The Samsung Galaxy X screenshots show us different layout combinations of apps, cameras, and keyboard. The phone appears to have a really massive display. One screen can be extended with a secondary display but unlike with other phones, it is almost the same size as the main screen. Not much information has been shared but the picture below are enough to convince us:

VIA: Galaxy Club