Apple has little battles being fought on multiple fronts around the world as it seeks to stop what it feels are copycat products that are looking to take the easy route by copying its products like the iPhone and iPad. One of the fronts that Apple is fighting Samsung on is in Australia. Apple has won a skirmish in the patent war too with Samsung agreeing to not sell its tablets in the country pending the outcome of the legal battle.

Apple has alleged that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 infringes on ten Apple patents. The patents that Apple alleges the Samsung tablet infringes on include the look and feel of the iPad as well as the touchscreen tech. Samsung agreed to not sell the tablet in Australia until the case is resolved. Samsung will pay damages if it loses the case.

Apple is seeking an injunction to stop the sale of the tablet in Australia and other countries. Samsung says that Apple is basing the Australian claims on the US version of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, which is said to be different from the version sold in Australia. Samsung has provided three samples of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to Apple that will be sold in Australia for review.

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[via Bloomberg]


    • This is a strategic move. They are going to wherever they (Apple) think they can get a win, which they will use in other areas. It’s basically forum shopping to win in a place where they are more likely to win so they can use that win to say, “Look, Australia said they violated so we’re not crazy.”

  1. This doesn’t make sense … unless they are going to release the thicker 10.1v I guess. Problem is if Apple wins in Australia, it won’t be a good thing for Samsung elsewhere and as much as I despise Samsung personally, I respect their ability to put products out there that people like.

    This judge has a lot of weight on her shoulders, and I hope she uses common sense; i.e., this patent battle is stupid and retaliatory.

    I have ZERO respect for Apple and the patent-granting authorities.


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