No headphone jack. Three words that somehow tell us of the direction a company is taking: it wants to be revolutionary. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing of a 3.5mm jack removed from the phone. There’s the Moto Z, three LeEco phones (Le 2, Le 2 Pro, and Le Max 2), HTC Bolt, and the iPhone 7. We know the latter earned the ire of some people but looks like Samsung, one of Apple’s biggest rivals, is following suit.

As early as September, we mentioned that Samsung was also contemplating on removing the headphone jack in future products. No official announcement yet but rumor has it that Samsung is doing an Apple by ditching the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. The Galaxy S8 may not have that headphone jack but if you want to use a wired headset, you may have to use a USB Type-C adapter on the available port.

No headphone jack means you cannot use wired headphones and charge the phone at once. That’s one sacrifice a future Galaxy S8 owner must consider. This also means those expensive wired phones you have will be useless without an adapter.

Apple didn’t really make a lot of people happy with the decision so why is Samsung doing the same thing? We can only think of one reason: the phone will be thinner. Some people will be happy with the design advantage but we’re not sure if its going to be worth it. A thinner phone doesn’t always mean it’s better. In fact, in the case of Samsung, it did them bad. A third-party investigation claimed that the slimmer and smaller internal design margin of the Galaxy Note 7 was the reason for the explosions. The battery didn’t have enough space to expand so it would reach a “ceiling”.

This no-headphone-jack Galaxy S8 hasn’t been confirmed yet but we have no reason to doubt this possible change. We’re guessing Samsung wants to get the reaction of the public first before it makes a final decision about the design but then again it may be too late for that.

Another thing Samsung is believed to be removing is the home button so it will have a large screen-to-body ratio. The fingerprint sensor is believed to be embedded in the display. Speaking of screens, Samsung is also said to retain the 2K display. That’s contrary to previous reports that it will use 4K. It will still be Super AMOLED but it will be a new material, still with a Standard RGB array and 11,059,200 pixels. Pixel resolution will still be 2560 × 1440.

We understand why Samsung will retain the 2K display. 4K isn’t really important in such a small display. Most people won’t even notice the difference. If Samsung decides on a higher display resolution, then price of the Galaxy S8 may go up. That’s something the company should be careful of doing given the recent Note 7 fiasco.

We’re expecting to hear more rumors and speculations about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 until its official announcement at the Mobile World Congress.