We don’t usually have an issue with headphone jacks on devices but the technology has very little development. More often than not, the part isn’t used because there’s Bluetooth connection. Why use a cabled headset when you can rely on wireless connectivity? Bluetooth headsets are heaven-sent because you don’t have to deal with annoying cables and wires that don’t really last.

A couple of months ago, LeEco ditched the headphone jack and launched a new phone with CDLA but the first major smartphone without a headphone jack is the Moto Z. The Lenovo-owned company was brave enough to take this step but it’s not without a replacement. The phone can still be used with a headset but with a special accessory–a headphone dongle–that is offered free with the handset.

The absence of a headphone jack means a much thinner smartphone. The dongle can be attached to the USB port. Actually, there will still be a headphone jack but via a converter so it’s not totally gone. So yes, the headphone jack is not really missing.

It’s a welcome change and we’re expecting that future Motorola Moto phones will also do away with the headphone jack. We’re hoping other companies will do the same because their phones and tablets can be thinner and slimmer without it.

VIA: SlashGear