Samsung Galaxy S21 No Charger No Headset

We know this is going to happen. We just need more confirmation and even the actual announcement. The next-gen premium flagship from the South Korean tech giant will be unveiling the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+, and the Galaxy S21 Plus in mid-January. Much has been said about the new phones including the idea they will no longer come with charger in the box. Samsung may also no longer add a headset but we can probably expect the new Galaxy Buds Pro.

Just last week, we said Samsung would exclude chargers as it removed posts taking a jab at Apple. The South Korean tech giant has been planning to ship future phone without chargers. More pieces of evidence point to the possibility.

The Galaxy S21 may no longer come with a charger. Young tech enthusiast and tipster Ishan Agarwal said the phone will only come with a USB-C cable. He also confirmed the 2400 x 1080 FHD+ display. He shared the information on Twitter but the post has since been deleted.

Android phone makers may follow the ‘no charger in the box’ plan of Apple. Samsung will follow soon. Xiaomi already followed with the Mi 11 not coming with a charger. More OEMs may do the same.

Galaxy S21 Coming Without Any Charger

Having no charger isn’t really a bad thing. It can be environment-friendly since you don’t have to get another charger when you have a lot hanging around at home. We know not many consumers may be happy with the decision but we’re hopeful more will also understand.

Not including a charger in the box may even make the price lower. Samsung may  need to really bring down the price of the Galaxy S phone if it wants to stay on top of the mobile game. A number of Chinese OEMs can offer high-specced phones at lower prices. Samsung just needs to identify what to let go or what to keep.


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