Android Chargers

The whole Android community may soon experience something that Apple has recently done. Well, we’re not referring to any new design, feature, or technology. With Apple’s announcement of a new iPhone that won’t come with chargers, Android device manufacturers could also follow. Not many people are happy with Apple’s decision but we understand the Cupertino company’s reason. The next iPhone model will no longer be packed with an AC adapter. This means the product will be shipping with a smaller packaging and maybe the cost will be lesser.

So how will the iPhone users charge their phones? Well, with their old chargers whether wired or wireless. Apple is going greener by cutting some components from the new iPhone. The packaging is also more environment-friendly as it will be using a 90% recycle-friendly fiber.

The iPhone 12 will still come with a USB-C cord. Don’t expect any headphones, wall plug, or earbuds. If you don’t have an iPhone charger, you need to buy one separately. If you own any other Apple gadget that comes with a new MagSafe ecosystem, you can use that to charge your iPhone 12.

Now, rumor has it Android phone makers will also follow Apple’s lead. That is something that can be done if the goal is to eliminate waste. Every smartphone that is sold today comes with new chargers. Imagine how many chargers you can find within a household.

Tech companies can help make a better world if there will be less waste. They can start by discontinuing the release of chargers and other essentials that most people already have. It’s not a bad decision but of course, a provision for those who don’t have their own chargers must be available as well.